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Whether it is you or your child that is having difficulties with secondary education, we're here to help. At Education Plus, all of our tutors are of the highest standard and are CRB checked. Our wide range of subjects means that we can supply you with a tutor for even unusual specialist subjects, including Latin.

  • Short term or ongoing tutoring

  • All subjects, including Maths, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English.

  • Assistance with learning difficulties

  • Personal development planning

Our programs are tailored to suit your needs. Whether you'd like a one-off session to help clear up a Chemistry question, ongoing tutoring in Maths or assistance preparing for your English exam, our fully trained and qualified tutors are ready to help you succeed.

Our services include:

Tailored to your needs

Don't struggle alone any longer. Let one of our specialist tutors assist you. We offer tutoring to A* standard for all levels from primary education to mature students. We can also assist those students with learning difficulties. Call today and see how much easier it can be with a little help.

Tutoring to A* standard for all levels

Our specialist tutors can assist you with any subject. Call now.

020 8464 4379

If your child is struggling with homework, we can help. Whether it’s a difficulty understanding Physics or composing an essay, our tutors can offer assistance in all levels of secondary education, from GCSE’s to A-levels and International Baccalaureate.

Doing well in your GCSE’s and A-levels are key to your future success. To help with your exam preparation our tutors can offer assistance with any subject you are struggling with in addition to offering a number of study strategies to maximise your revision.

Preparing for an exam?

Struggling with homework?